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Re: D-beam (light-beam)

Hey Papa... These guys have a full midi controller product range of
light, tough and sound sensitive sensors integrated into a system.
I've drooled over possible applications of these pups for the last
year, but alas, won't have cash for that kind of stuff for a good
while. You may as well be the guinea pig for this stuff as well! 8-)
I'm gonna have to get back down to your place for some playing and
demo-ing of your latest level of gear integration!


Infusion Systems web site....


>>> "David Potter" <papadave55@hotmail.com> 02/29 6:33 AM >>>
Hi loopheads,
    I want to hook up a D-beam to some of my gear and control it with

different parts of my body.  The D-Beam comes in the Roland 880
rythum box 
but I've got the electribe and ER1 synced to a Dr Rythum 660.  Does
know if this is possible?  It's a lazer light that controls effects
parameters.  Sort of like the Kaoss pad. Thanks, Papa Dave
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