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looping show plus, ventura, ca, usa

Saturday, March 4, 8 pm
Art City II, Ventura, CA
31 Peking Street, Ventura (on the very edge)
Admission: a mere $5

Jeff Kaiser Trio
Jeff Kaiser, trumpet and electronics; Woody Aplanalp, guitars, loopage;
Liebig, basses, loopage

Clay Chaplin/Eric Getter
Clay Chaplin: Video, Computer, Electronics, Stupid Thing; Eric Getter:

Clay performs electronic music live with a pair of controller gloves linked
to his computer. 
He will be doing video AND music at this show. A rare treat to see an
exceptional performer with a unique musical and visual palette.

Bring blankets, pillows, bean-bag chairs, lawn chairs, et cetera.
This is an indoor-sit-on-the-floor concert.

For Directions: http://www.mapblast.com/

More info: