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Re: Jamman Prices!?!?!

i bought my new jamman 6 mounth ago for $260 ... i think, this is a fair 
price (... even the seller thought so)
but $750 is not real ... how do this people earn their money?


Ben Porter schrieb:

> Here is an excerpt from an email sent to those on the www.pedalman.com 
>mailing list:
> just in! LEXICON JAMMAN LOADED with FULL UPGRADE 32 seconds EXC $750
> just in! LEXICON JAMMAN Double Footswitch $ebay auction click here
> (end of excerpt)
> That seems like an awful high price for a jamman and they don't even 
>include the foot switch. Now, I know the jamman is a great unit, but 
>somehow I don't think that it is worth *that* much. It just seems that 
>the prices on jammans are rather overinflated for some reason. I think 
>part of it might be due to the fact that the EDP has been out of 
>production for awhile now. Anyone else think that the prices on the 
>jamman are getting outrageous?
> Even the price on used EDP's is getting incredibly high. The last one 
>that was on Ebay was sold for $979.38! I wish Gibson would hurry up and 
>get the Echoplex out and into the stores. Is there much of a chance that 
>once the Trace Elliot Echoplex's finally start getting shipped that 
>prices on used Oberheim models will go down and be at the same level of 
>other gear when comparing the new versus used prices?
> Maybe it's not that high though. The EH 16 Second Digital Delays still 
>easily sell for around a grand. But I'm still crossing my fingers in hope 
>that prices on the Oberheim EDP will get down to a reasonable level in 
>the near future.
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