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Re: Jamman Prices!?!?!

Ben, agreed, the prices for anything that is (should be? will be) in demand
is getting a bit out of hand, but oh to be able to create and enjoy with 
instruments of choice...

Re: the Plex that sold for $979, I was the winner of that there auction. 
price I feel was warranted, a full 198 second with footcontroller, manual
and boxes in very good condition. I've been using my girlfriend's Plex for
the last few months, so she is happy to get her mean machine back. She paid
about $1100+ from Sam Ash in NYC for the same deal in 1996, so I feel I
wasn't ripped off and seeing as the last four or five Plex's on Ebay were 
excess of $1200, I think I got the deal of the year thus far.
I've already had one offer from someone to buy the Plex for me (hell no,
it's not for sale, i've waited long enough for me own!), so there is always
someone out there willing to pay more and more and more,...ahh the
limitations of excess...