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Line6 box

Hi All,
       I've been (pardon the pun) out of the loop for a few months, indeed
since the first appearance o'the Line6 DL4.

For those without long and detailed memories, I loop by putting a Jam-Man
in delay mode, with single repeat, in a hardwired loop (o/p-i/p) with a
volume pedal in't to control the feedback.  The system works well, but 'tis
none too efficient having a 19" rack box on the floor, basically acting
like a huge great glorified stompbox (ie a taptempo 32 sec delay).

Anyhow, out has come the DL4.  And much verbiage has been verbed about it
(how come when I'm on this list I start wtriting like dt?) but questions
the size of Texas yet remain.  Chief among them are:

1.  Can it be set to just an ordinary, tap-tempo, 14-sec delay?
2.  I hear it's stereo.  Is that 14-sec, looped stereo?
3.  Half-speed mode.  Does it sound any good?
4.  Can you change the delay length on the fly?  Not change the speed.  On
    JamMan, as configured, tapping a new loop when one is already playing
    in the looping of just the segment that was playing between the taps
(if y'follow).
    Or is it like the JM in Loop mode - once tapped, the tap button becomes
5.  Can you use the EXP-pedal inputs (I hear they're there) to control
    output level and feedback?

I've looked at the online manual and suspect I know the answer to some of
these, but thought I'd better ask the experts.  I think it looks
unpromising (No feedback control!!!) but best to be sure.

Why oh why can't someone make a simple 20-second taptempo stompbox??

Much 'ppreciated,


PS  Those with gargantuan, nay behemothian, mamories will recall much
discussions about (a) guitar resonances and (b) possible avenues for
guitar-related research.  Such individuals might be glad to know that I've
got a few research projects on the acoustics of electric guitars on the go,
and such projects seem to be building up a head of steam.  And all this
from a debate, on these very pages about 18 months ago, between myself, our
moderator and Matthias Grob about whether resonance was good or bad for

Michael Pycraft Hughes, Ph.D.          Tel: (+44) 1483 876775
Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering,    Fax: (+44) 1483 259395
University of Surrey,            EMail: m.hughes@surrey.ac.uk
Guildford, Surrey, UK    www.surrey.ac.uk/MME/Research/BioMed