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Re: Philly Electro-Experimental

Sorry this isn't a diatribe on the word Discipline, I just wanted to
repost the original message since it seems people have ignored it in
favor of it's sig:

This is an amazing concert series put together by a local DJ and
promoter (DJ Spacling of WKDU). He's has numerous groups playing in one
of the most relaxed and comfortable environments I've ever experienced.
The Rotunda is part of a cathedral which has excellent acoustics and the
sound system, and house PA team are top notch.

If you're in Phila Pa this weekend you should definitely check out this
show. Many past and present loopers have performed at this series and it
will be well worth your while.

> Just to alert the curious, the monthly electronic/experimental music
> session-- "Gate to Moonbase Alpha" --will be held in West Philadelphia
> this Saturday evening.  The Gate showcases Philly local composers
> involved in ambient, drum & bass, and other electronic pursuits which
> are not as easily categorized.  Admission is always free and the show
> will be held at the newly renovated Rotunda, an old school venue on
> 4012 Walnut St. by the UPENN campus. The chaos begins around 8:00.
> Inquiries welcome.