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Re: four-channel output/surround reverb

>Hello Loopers!
>I've been experimenting with four-channel looping.  That is, looping 
>four discrete output channels.  Looping sounds that rotate in your sonic
>How do you do four-channel reverb?  Every reverb unit I'm familiar with 
>stereo at most and mono at least.  Anybody doing four-channel or
>reverberation?  Any links?  Ideas?

The Eventide Orville, TC M6000, Sony DRS777, and the new Lexicon (the
expensive one)
all feature "true" surround reverbs. None of them are below $7000 afaik.
I'm using Spat, a software component from the Ircam Forum
(http://www.ircam.fr), as part of a Max/MSP based quad looping setup. The
Forum is a strange arrangement that amounts to renting software, which many
may consider the worst of both worlds compared to owning hardware, but
you get access to a lot of useful stuff.

I've also experimented with taking a good stereo reverb and panning its
outputs in quad into a quad loop.
In many ways, I prefer the sound of stereo fields moving through surround
space, but maybe that's just sour grapes since I can't afford an Orville.