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Re: four-channel output/surround reverb

Good Topic!!  My venerable old Korg T3 makes makes four channel reverbs 
delays fairly easy to accomplish, since it has four individual outs.  In 
addition I use two Korg modules, one an X5DR (front) , the other an NS5R 
(rear or vice versa).  In most small spaces where I play, I use two Altec 
Lansing computer speaker systems (both with subs).  I think the more 
expensive of the two cost me $120.  They put out all of 80 watts each.
    When I setup a 4-channel looping sequence, I simply program the two 
of one layerd sound (usually a pad) to pan left to right, when it reaches 
right the other layered pad (different timbre) starts its pan from far 
etc. etc. etc.  I also raise and drop the volume accordingly.  With the 
sound modules, I do the same thing, but in the opposite direction, with 
brighter timbres having more attack.  And of course, I change direction 
occassionally, for variety.  Easier to do than explain.  Really easy if a 
sequence "template" has already been created; something I firmly believe 
and use all the time.  And never do the "pieces" ever come out sounding 
anywhere the same, twice, even when using the same "template".  The timbre 
choose for the melody and solo improvs over the top of this "swirl" really 
set the piece for me and the audience. 
    I've spent several man-hours creating these templates on my little 
PMA-5--some of the best time I've ever spent.  When I go "live" I use 
different sounds than I've used before and vary the tempo live as well.  
it makes me a very busy guy for that couple of hours.  I usually do the 
melody with the Prophecy and my voice (setup down front, center stage away 
from the other gear).  Occassionally I'll pick up a guitar, but only if I 
feel comfortable with that KEY for that particular number.  (I'm not the 
accomplished of string pickers ;-) ).  My audio loopers can be placed 
anywhere in the output lines, since I have them connected as AUX send and 
returns to the mixer.  I try to vary that alot.  Having a midi-controlled 
mixer helps a lot too.  I usually reserve channel 16 for the mixer and 
it to the template last, if I use that feature at all.  Most times I don't 
feel the need to.  All that moving sound is easily accomplishd without a 
mixer by the way.

    Hope this helps a little,