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Re: four-channel output/surround reverb

Dear Dennis,

    About the only way that I know of doing this is to use a pair of 
reverbs or a trio of stereo reverbs such that you'd end up with something 
like this:
front of the audience     front of the audience
        |   |                            |    | 
back of the audience     back of the audience

You'd probably want to make sure that all of the reverbs were the same 
and mods to them and essentially they would each have an output to the 
series of speakers and then an output to the rear as well.  I've worked 
the three reverb method using a set of Alesis MIDIVerbs which were all set 
a soft ping pong effect.  Flip side of this was trying to get everything 
wired up outside of the house speaker/board system which everything else 
going through at the time.

As for getting a real surround sound set up or THX, I know that there is 
computer equipment out there for it, and at last go it was all rather 

Loop on, patch out!