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Re: Digitech PMC-10

Are there any photos of these floating around? i am thinking of diving into
the midi floor control world but don't know where to start- There must be a
reason why the PMC-10 is so sought after- why?


-----Original Message-----
From: Stephen <dakshah@yahoo.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Thursday, March 23, 2000 11:22 AM
Subject: Digitech PMC-10 sysex woes

>Thanks Sean & Claude for the Raymond pointers.  i
>hooked everything up last night, and Raymond seems to
>be just the ticket, but I'm having a problem.  The
>Raymond-generated sysex I send out to the pedal
>doesn't stick.
>I can see that the sysex is getting to the PMC-10 'cuz
>the display chnages (blank with a star/asterisk on the
>far left side - is this the correct behavior?) when it
>is being sent, and the display then changes back when
>the upload is complete.  But none of the patches,
>banks, or sets make it into the pedal.
>I've tried sending the sysex from raymond & from
>cakewalk & tried 2 different midi ports out of the pc.
>I tried sending a single bank with a single patch, to
>a program containing several of each (~1600 bytes).
>Raymond reports that the upload was successful, the
>number of bytes, and that 1 program had been sent.  I
>can send program changes out from the pedal OK.  I've
>upgraded to PROM version 2.1 and confirmed with the
>pedal-7-at-powerup check.
>The only think I can think of (kinda a longshot) is
>that when I opened her up to install the upgrade, the
>4.5 V battery looked a bit old/coroded, so i'm on my
>way to replace it...since the battery is probably used
>to retain state at power-off, I don't see how that
>would come into play here.
>Can someone clue me in on the secret handshake to get
>the PMC-10 to recieve sysex successfully?
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