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Re: Digitech PMC-10

>There must be a reason why the PMC-10 is so sought after- why?

One word - programmability. No matter how thorough someone else thinks 
foot controller design is, there is a good chance it won't do exactly what
you want it to do, especially if you are the experimental type. The PMC10
lets you program "strings" of MIDI messages that it will send when you 
a button (or release a button, or press another button, or...)

Messages can be any MIDI message type of any value on any channel. So if 
want to send program change 98 on channel 1, cc#108 value 127 on channel 9,
and the notes to play a D minor 7th chord on channel 16, all at the touch 
one button, the PMC10 can do it. In fact, its one of very few foot pedals
I've found that can send MIDI notes at all.

BTW, I may be the one who mislead Stephen about the abilities of Raymond.
I've not used Raymond myself extensively, and I was only repeating what 
heard - that there are a few funcitons, e.g., changing the device id,
initiating a dump from the PMC10, and calibrating the expression pedals,
which can not be accomplished through sysex.

-- Mango --