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Re: Digitech PMC-10

Just for your information,
Be careful with the PMC 10 it is a grat device but not reliable i finally
got rid of it after crashing on me so many times.Hours and hours of
programing for nothing and i am not the only one. I´ve talked to many 
who also got rid of it because of the same reason. The guys at Digitech
weren´t that helpfull either. But check out the new Yamaha MFC 10 i believe
it does all the PMC 10 does it is new and Yamaha has a good reputation for
Good luck!
> >There must be a reason why the PMC-10 is so sought after- why?
> One word - programmability. No matter how thorough someone else thinks
> foot controller design is, there is a good chance it won't do exactly 
> you want it to do, especially if you are the experimental type. The PMC10
> lets you program "strings" of MIDI messages that it will send when you
> a button (or release a button, or press another button, or...)
> Messages can be any MIDI message type of any value on any channel. So if
> want to send program change 98 on channel 1, cc#108 value 127 on channel
> and the notes to play a D minor 7th chord on channel 16, all at the touch
> one button, the PMC10 can do it. In fact, its one of very few foot pedals
> I've found that can send MIDI notes at all.
> BTW, I may be the one who mislead Stephen about the abilities of Raymond.
> I've not used Raymond myself extensively, and I was only repeating what
> heard - that there are a few funcitons, e.g., changing the device id,
> initiating a dump from the PMC10, and calibrating the expression pedals,
> which can not be accomplished through sysex.
> -- Mango --