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Re: Digitech PMC-10

>Just for your information,
>Be careful with the PMC 10 it is a grat device but not reliable i finally
>got rid of it after crashing on me so many times.Hours and hours of
>programing for nothing and i am not the only one. I´ve talked to many 
>who also got rid of it because of the same reason. The guys at Digitech
>weren´t that helpfull either. But check out the new Yamaha MFC 10 i 
>it does all the PMC 10 does it is new and Yamaha has a good reputation for

I'm not an expert on the capabilities of the PMC-10, but I own a Yamaha
MFC-10 and have been very pleased with it so far. I know that each switch
has the ability to send up to 4 simultaneous messages of the same type
(including note, controller, pgm changes etc.) I've been using it to
successfully control the EDP and various other rack effects and devices in
my setup. The display is somewhat limiting, and often deals in hex, but it
the interface is actually pretty quick once you get going. The main thing
that drew me to the MFC-10 is it's support of up to 4 external expression
pedals in addition to the one built in. Five continuous controllers at my
feet is just the right number for me! I've had it for less than a month,
and I'm still exploring, but it has really opened up a lot of new