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Re: R: "Loop" interacting with the rest of the music.

At 08:57 PM 3/23/00 +0100, you wrote:
>> Julio Moreno wrote:
>> > How you can ''construct'' a groovy loop if you don't know to play your
>> > instrument with swing ??? ....

The good Rev. answered:
>> Hmmmm, if I understand you correctly here, you're asking how one can
>> create good loops without being a good musician.

I guess the way the questioned was phrased made me think the same thing,
but it raises a couple of other (possibly) good questions (which were
probably not what Mr. Moreno was asking either!):

        1) When constructing music in a non-realtime, multitrack setting, 
do any
of you have any favorite tricks to make your tracks using an instrument
that's NOT your main instrument "swing"? [As an example, I'm thinking
mostly of guitarists who are perfectly competent at their own instrument,
but who might need a little help making drum parts sound better (either
real drums or programmed), or in tweaking samples to better fit the feel of
the music.]

        2) Many of us find ourselves using loops in the same sort of 
context over
and over. (Kim has spoken of one aspect of the phenomenon as being "hung up
on the textural guitar thing.") Does anyone have anything interesting to
say about incorporating loops into a different style of music than one
you'd generally played, or intentionally blurring genre/stylistic barriers
in your looping?