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Re: nice flick

   Actually, to LATIN Americaīs credit the whole SON craze swept through
(and itīs still sweeping) for about 70 years! in fact a lot of Cuban music
flourished here in Mexico,a lot of the great cuban musicians made their
carreers down here etc.
It's good to see that the rest of the world  is finally catching on. :D


At 08:59 a.m. 23/03/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Actually, to America's credit, the whole Son craze swept through
>about 10 years ago - there was a blizzard of articles in the
>mainstream press, and dozens of articles in magazines such
>as "Rhythm" (now defunct), "Drums & Drumming" and "Modern
>Drummer", as well as "Keyboard" and others. It's good to see
>that Europe and the rest of the world is finally catching on. :)
>- Larry