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Re: modded EDP/bending

In a message dated 27/03/00 01:50:58 GMT Daylight Time, tcn62@ici.net 

> Here's a question (albeit with only an implied on-topicality): What kinds
>  of equipment, off-the-wall and otherwise, have you guys had good luck or
>  horror stories bending?
A cheap 70's keyboard (by 'Elgam') used to suffer various mods.
Although I tried to figure out the circuit  and produce effects that I'd 
things went astray. In the end I got about half a dozen extra switches on
it, and then let the keyboard 'player' from my then band loose on it.
I think he was impressed.

an old analogue delay (multitap with modulation) was also attacked, found 
capacitor that
governed the clock rate and fixed in a switch to replace it with other
capacitor values. (also increased the amount of modulation)
this produced an excellent analogue flanger/phaser, but best trick
was to turn feedback to max, play in some sounds, and then go for 
the new switch, so all the (looped) sound could jump up/down an
octave, or just turn into feedback screech.
I daren't try connecting points totally at random though, if I did it
all the transistors would die.

My theory is that circuit-bending gear with discrete transistors
should tend to produced richer sounds than gear full of chips.
(because the onset of non-linearity is more gradual)

..so valves would be even better then

Anyone out there with access to valve technology might 
look into something called squegging, a one valve circuit
which exploits certain little used characteristics of the valve
to produce broad band irregular tones.
This circuit was used a to produce an effective jamming
signal which could be broadcast to interfere with another's 
radio reception.
So a lot of those weird sounds on short wave radio 
are actually produced in this way.

.....and now to get back on topic

these short wave sounds inspired much of the music of 
Karlheinz Stockhausen.

KS the inventor of looping?

time for bed