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Re: MPX-G2 MIDI Synch?

>Hey, thanks for the advice.  I'll start saving my pennies!  I think I'll
>probably go with an Echoplex as a second looper (if they ever get here!)
>keep my Digitech 2112 for a while.  It's a pretty good unit for the money.
>question though, with the g2, can you have multipal effects with the 20 
>looping?  That would be good.

Yes you can - with the G2, each effect takes up a certain amount of memory,
so so long as you stay below the maximum of 200 you can add anything. I
can't remember what the value for the looper is, but it's not huge...

Is the Echoplex available in the UK? Is that what Eberhard Weber uses?


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