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Re: MPX-G2 MIDI Synch?

In a message dated 30/03/00 11:04:24 GMT Daylight Time, 
steve@steve-lawson.co.uk writes:

> My guess is that it'll be possible, I've just got to look up what the 
>  number is for the 'tap' button on the MPX, and set the JamMan to 
>receive on
>  the same... then I  can set the two lengths the same, and just do
>  interesting things with volume controls to stop my self recording the 
>  thing on both machines...
Connect MPX-G2 midi-out to jamman midi in.
start the MPX looping
now assuming the MPX-G2 is transmitting midi clock **
all you have to do is hit tap on the JamMan and 
it'll record (for the no. of beats specified) and then go into 
play automatically.

Unfortunately  midi clock is nowhere near accurate enough so
you'll always get glitches if you play over the start/end of the jamMan 

**if it won't , try it all the other way round.

Andy Butler