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Re: MPX-G2 MIDI Sync?

>Connect MPX-G2 midi-out to jamman midi in.
>start the MPX looping
>now assuming the MPX-G2 is transmitting midi clock **
>all you have to do is hit tap on the JamMan and
>it'll record (for the no. of beats specified) and then go into
>play automatically.
>Unfortunately  midi clock is nowhere near accurate enough so
>you'll always get glitches if you play over the start/end of the jamMan


thanks for the tip - it works (sort of) - I can get the two to 'talk', and
get the MPX to  set the loop length on the JamMan, but so far only with one
of the presets, and I can't work out what it is about that patch that makes
it work, and not my own sound that I've added JamMan to... I know I could
rebuild all my sounds by copying the working looper across, but I really
can't be arsed... I'm wading through the manual as I write, trying to find
the relevant bits of info...

Once I get this sorted, I hope to be able to record one short loop, and 
put down stuff on top on the 'real' JamMan, with adjacent loops of equal
length that I can switch between for verse and chorus. I already do this on
one tune, using a delay to keep me roughly in time, but it's a little
shaky... have a listen to 'St Luke' on my web-site, if you're interested...

This could work, and if it does, I'm gonna have some serious fun writing 
tunes with the enhanced performance capabilities that I'll have... :o)


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                                                           - John