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Motu PCI-324/2408mII vs. Digi 001

As usual my comments, hang on the edge of topic appropriatness, but I'm 
considering jumping into outfitting my Powerbook G3 400Mhz (bronze) with a 
Magma chassis and I've determined that the Motu PCI-324/2408mkII and the 
Digi 001 are both within range, however I'm uncertain as to which is the 
better choice.  I like the bang for the buck delivered by MOTU, but I'm 
thinking about production issues, i.e. being able to integrate seemlessly 
with recording studios for post-recording production work.  I'm planning 
using this for live recording work with an ensemble project, so the 
multi-tracking is necessitated.  The MOTU would offer cheaper expansion, 
is it worth more to buy into the Digidesign buy-up scheme (with an eye 
to...sigh a massive Mix@24 system)?  Is ProTools worth it?
        I'm using VisionDSP, but Opcode seems saddly moribund (another 
victim), can anyone comment on MOTU audio desk, ProTools LE, Cubase VST or 
Logic Audio Platinum (I understand the latency is lowest on Logic Audio).
        I know this is off topic, but I am capturing loops, manipulating 
crunching them with the intent of proliferating loop influenced music for 
distribution (so it works in terms of loop evangelism).
Thanks, Sean
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