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Regeneration with Boomerang

Hi Folks,

Just joined the list after running the Vortex into my new Boomerang. Saw
something god-like for sure!! Just love  that Boomerang!

I have a quick question. I do live sets of ambient/experimental tonal 
with found sound samples dropped in. I use a Theremin, various outboard 
fx, a
Boss 202 sampler,  and 2 dimension beam infrared light controllers 
beams tied to midi continuous controller #'s) on two synths. With a wave 
of a
hand (or anything else) in the beam, I can call up a tone/phrase of
pre-prepared sounds in the each synth separately, parameter vary it, record
it into the 'rang, layer, etc., etc.

My question seeks a recommendation on how to get the Boomerang to act
regenerative, (or degenerative)  as the more expensive Echoplex might. I've
thought of getting a Boss DD-5 delay stompbox (or similar) and trying to 
regen to various settings. What I want to do is have a real-time variable
regen factor using some kind of foot pedal (as my hands are "in the beams".
Thanks in advance for your help.

John Hunter
Black Lotus Sound