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Re: Regeneration with Boomerang

As you well know, you can't get the loop to fade out automatically over 
Not with a boomerang alone.  It will lower the volume of a sample if you 
lay something new over it (using the Stack button), but that's just to make
space for the new layer while the loop itself plays endlessly at the same

Have you tried branching your sound where one branch of the fresh noise is
going to one output the other branch feeds into the boomerang, then feeding
the boomerang through a plain old volume pedal?

By pressing the little chrome tap button at the top of the boomerang you 
set it to play back only the echo and filter out the new sounds coming in.
This way you can control just the boomeranged effects.

It's low-tech, I know.  But you can do it for the cost of a cheap volume
pedal.  For free, using the setup above you can also adjust that volume 
on the left side of the Boomerang while it's looping and do the same 
thing, if
less accurately.

Because to do what you want to do you'd need either (1) a 
midi-controllable or
automated mixer or similar device that's set to lower the volume in 
which correspond to the loop length on your boomerang, which is a dubious 
not impossible venture, or (2) a looper with a similar delay time that's
either midi controllable or is degenerative.  In either case, for the same
money you might as well just use an Echoplex DP.

Let me know what you end up doing...

---original message---

My question seeks a recommendation on how to get the Boomerang to act
regenerative, (or degenerative)  as the more expensive Echoplex might. I've
thought of getting a Boss DD-5 delay stompbox (or similar) and trying to 
regen to various settings. What I want to do is have a real-time variable
regen factor using some kind of foot pedal (as my hands are "in the beams".
Thanks in advance for your help..