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Re: Regeneration with Boomerang

Hey Dennis,

> Also, what kind of "2 dimension beam infrared light controllers" do you 
> And what do you think of them?
Flattery will get you everywhere! ;-) Thanks for the pos support. Love 
those d-beams!!! 
It is interesting even to me how this particular set-up has evolved. I've 
been through
close to 40 synths 
and god knows how many fx processors. The Theremin was an attempt to 
become more"at one" with the sound. I'm trying to remove as many barriers 
as possible from
having intuition/idea go more directly into sound. The concept is moving 
towards a
 what I call a "transparent Interface". The d-beams are 
videocassette-sized boxes that
emit an 
egg-shaped (user can vary size), infrared (invisible) beam of light. The 
response to shape
and movement
 in the beams is programmable: you can tie movement to midi cc's number 
(the d-beams have midi in and out).  I try to load certain parameters of 
the synth 
(filter cut-off, etc) onto the beam's cc# and thereby modulate in real 
time, those
The beams can aso be set to act like a virtual keyboard in space, where 
individual notes
can be 
triggered on the synth. But I find that much like a Theremin in that it's 
harder to
control (i.e., predict
what you'll get!) So far though, its fab to simply reach out and "hit" a 
sound in the air 
in sequence or rhythm
and record it in the 'Rang with beam modulations; makes for some really, 
strange nuances. In conjunction with the Vortex with expression 

> Have you recordings?  On-line samples?  I'd like to hear this.  Are you
> interested in a sound swap?

I haven't put out any work since 94 and that was pre-transparent interface
 work, so unfortunately I only have a few not-too-carefully-recorded 
I will hopefully get  pro video footage thru a friend on Earth Day (the 
25th) this month. 
Though I really haven't had the time or chance to tend to the whole sound 
on-line thing
perhaps I'll get something up soon. Earliest I could send you something 
would be end of
Its really heavy concert prep for this upcoming show. I will use the 
Boomerang though, 
 and hopefully wow 'em with that and the 2 beams, Thermin, Vortex, and 
sampler, all thru
Hope this helps (or at least interesting;-))

John Hunter
Black Lotus Sound
> Hi John!
> >My question seeks a recommendation on how to get the Boomerang to act
> >regenerative, (or degenerative)  as the more expensive Echoplex might...
> I'll leave other folks to answer your question since I'm not a 'rang 
>user and
> I'm sure somebody else can answer it better.  But your 
>performance/set-up caught
> my eye...
> >...  I use a Theremin, various outboard fx, a
> >Boss 202 sampler,  and 2 dimension beam infrared light controllers 
> >beams tied to midi continuous controller #'s) on two synths.

> Dennis Leas
> -----------------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com

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