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Re: Regeneration with Boomerang

Hey-yeah Timothy,

Thanks for the reply. I don't have your full text as I am at a remote 
server but your info
is helpful. I think I also wasn't as clear as I thought too.
What I (think) I'm trying to do is to welly up the regeneration (or take 
it down) in
real-time. Also increase/decrease the feedback in analog fashion- 
variably. I can see where a volume pedal would help in bring the sound 
itself in or out of
the mix, though.


Timothy wrote:

  > As you well know, you can't get the loop to fade out automatically 
over time.
  > Not with a boomerang alone.  It will lower the volume of a sample if 
you you
  > lay something new over it (using the Stack button), but that's just to 
  > space for the new layer while the loop itself plays endlessly at the 
  > volume.

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