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Re: Regeneration with Boomerang


It's not a fuzz box, but one of the most bizzare pedals I've encountered 
is the Digitech
Spacestation.  Frankly, unless you hit the bypass, you can't get a normal 
sound out of it.
On the down side, although there's an expression pedal built in, you can't 
make up your own
presets.  On the plus side, it comes with 40 wacky presets that are loads 
of fun.  When put
in front or in back of other effects, loads of  fun can  happen.

What sleepy mountain college town are you from?

Mark Sottilaro
Professional Publications, Inc
1250 Fifth Ave, Belmont CA 94002
Multimedia Production
E-mail:  msottilaro@ppi2pass.com