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Re: Regeneration with Boomerang

Hi Andy,

Yep it is sho' nuff fun, this set-up. It took 10 years to evolve to it 
though, and I
keep refining it. Usta have walls and walls of gear and didn't have time 
to learn
most of it well. So now there's just a mini-gig-rig (SKB), 3 fx rack boxes 
bunches of pedals controlling the synths (Jp-8080 and Audity 2000 also in 
the rig)
and controlling the beams. I will probably get a little keyboard 
controller (again)
just to get, and hold those notes- upper and lower octaves, that are hard 
to hold
with the beam.  But this list is for looping so I'll try to stay on target.

The 'Rang really has helped me reach another level with fast, intuitive 
(sequencing, in effect) and so I was able to realize greater usage of 
especially with the Audity 2000. The randomize function I use to dial up 
loads of new sounds that can then be tweaked to taste. The Boomer then 
chews these up
in bits and phrases (according to my "hand-whim" in the beam. I now want 
to run the
Boomer into the vocoder/filter/voice modulator section of the 8080...and 
then back
into the Boomer layering successive differently filtered layers via 8080. 
Crazy, huh
I really will try to get something up for you cats from this upcoming 
show. A first
for me!

Btw, do you have any recommendations for the weirdest guitar pedal, 
particularly fuzz
boxes?? I'm feelin' that urge....;-)

Thanks for the interest. This is a great list. In our small mountain 
college town,
its not easy to find folks to talk with about Looping. We formed a little 
Sonic Guild
here- community and university electronic musicians who meet once a month 
to share
stuff, but loopers are rare.

John Hunter
Black Lotus Sound


>     Just what I was about to say as well John, do you have any 
> I'd love to hear your stuff, with that set  up must be something to
> hear...
>>  Andy
>>      On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Dennis W. Leas wrote:
>>      > Hi John!
>>      >
>>      > >My question seeks a recommendation on how to get the Boomerang 
>to act
>>      > >regenerative, (or degenerative)  as the more expensive Echoplex 
>>      >
>>      > I'll leave other folks to answer your question since I'm not a 
>'rang user and
>>      > I'm sure somebody else can answer it better.  But your 
>>      caught
>>      > my eye...
>>      >
>>      > >...  I use a Theremin, various outboard fx, a
>>      > >Boss 202 sampler,  and 2 dimension beam infrared light 
>controllers (invisible
>>      > >beams tied to midi continuous controller #'s) on two synths.
>>      >
>>      > Have you recordings?  On-line samples?  I'd like to hear this.  
>Are you
>>      > interested in a sound swap?
>>      >
>>      > Also, what kind of "2 dimension beam infrared light controllers" 
>do you use?
>>      > And what do you think of them?
>>      >
>>      > Dennis Leas