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Getting off the mailing list

I was raised in a barn, and I remember the days when my dear old mom would 
set a trap to get rid of the flies during the summer. She set up a glass 
with a funny shaped lid. The idea was that the flies would go in after the 
bait and have no idea how to get out. It was a fairly simple exit, but way 
to complex for fly standards.

Here's the kicker - the top of the lid had a diagram of how to get out. 
flies would be so excited about getting inside the jar that they never 
stopped to look at the diagram of how to get out.

You know, that's funny, because in Loopers Delight, you have to pass by 
"unsubscribe" instructions in order to subscribe. I guess this ramble is 
topic after all! These very simple instructions are also found at this 
section of the LD site.


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