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RE: Getting off the mailing list

Hot damn!  These are the magical posts why I love the LD.  Keep it up, 
Hey, when's that beer?

  | -----Original Message-----
  | From: matt davignon [mailto:mattdavignon@hotmail.com]
  | Sent: Monday 03 April 2000 1:09 PM
  | To: loopers-delight@annihilist.com
  | Subject: Getting off the mailing list
  | I was raised in a barn, and I remember the days when my dear
  | old mom would
  | set a trap to get rid of the flies during the summer. She set
  | up a glass jar
  | with a funny shaped lid. The idea was that the flies would go
  | in after the
  | bait and have no idea how to get out. It was a fairly simple
  | exit, but way
  | to complex for fly standards.
  | Here's the kicker - the top of the lid had a diagram of how to
  | get out. The
  | flies would be so excited about getting inside the jar that they never
  | stopped to look at the diagram of how to get out.
  | You know, that's funny, because in Loopers Delight, you have to
  | pass by the
  | "unsubscribe" instructions in order to subscribe. I guess this
  | ramble is on
  | topic after all! These very simple instructions are also found at this
  | section of the LD site.
  | http://annihilist.com/loop/list/LoopList.html
  | Matt

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