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Re: OT: Octave

In a message dated 04/04/00 06:08:57 GMT Daylight Time, 
clifsound@mediaone.net writes:

> I am interested in obtaining an octave pedal and would like any input as 
>  what you all think is good out there- Preferably smooth, more than 1 
>  down, less than $200- - - I checked out the brown Boss model and really 
>  not impressed- maybe z-vex or other boutique?
Hi Cliff
  Those old octave pedals, if that's what you want  then of course
there's no substitute.( ie a synthesised note an octave (rarely 2) 
below the ONE note you put in).
A friend of mine used to have an original Electro Harmonix unit.
In it's day it could be quite impressive, but chords would
confuse it (unless the lowest note was played much louder than the rest)
and tracking was always a bit hit and miss. 

but there's a lot of cheap multi FX out there with pitch 
functions which will give you an octave or two down no trouble
.....and no tracking problems either. 
what about a Zoom 2100 for instance.(loops too!)

Andy Butler
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