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Re: OT: Octave

    I bought one of the Rocktron octave pedals; I think it was called the 
Haze. It sounds great on paper: individual controls for 1 octave higher, 1 
lower, output, and distortion or drive. However, it was noisy and very
unpredictable. Didn't track well at all.
    On the positive side, I used to have a Lexicon LXP5, and the pitch 
tracked as well as any I've heard, but this is probably a little more than 
$200. I
bet you could find one on a net auction site for $200-$250.
    The best tracking I've ever experienced is my old Roland GR-50 guitar 
and the tone is anything you want it to be: bass guitar an octave down, 
flute an
octave up, etc. Now we're way over $200.

SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 04/04/00 06:08:57 GMT Daylight Time,
> clifsound@mediaone.net writes:
> > I am interested in obtaining an octave pedal and would like any input 
>as to
> >  what you all think is good out there- Preferably smooth, more than 1 
> >  down, less than $200- - - I checked out the brown Boss model and 
>really was
> >  not impressed- maybe z-vex or other boutique?
> >
> Hi Cliff
>   Those old octave pedals, if that's what you want  then of course
> there's no substitute.( ie a synthesised note an octave (rarely 2)
> below the ONE note you put in).
> A friend of mine used to have an original Electro Harmonix unit.
> In it's day it could be quite impressive, but chords would
> confuse it (unless the lowest note was played much louder than the rest)
> and tracking was always a bit hit and miss.
> but there's a lot of cheap multi FX out there with pitch
> functions which will give you an octave or two down no trouble
> .....and no tracking problems either.
> what about a Zoom 2100 for instance.(loops too!)
> Andy Butler
> Lexicon Vortex Database
> http://members.aol.com/soundfnr/vortex.htm

Mike Nelson

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