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The Plex: quick review

There's been some discussion of this unit over the past couple of days and 
played around with one last night so here it goes:

-It's the best sounding tape delay I've ever used.  No ifs ans or buts.
-It's tubes and extremely warm sounding.
-Way quieter than any other I've used/owned.
-Real controllable as far as overloading it/repeat length (it is analog 
though so I can see it being temperamental).
-It's weighs less than older models (almost vibrated off the amp).
-the one thing it's missing (compared to a solid state one that I use from 
time to time) is that there is no input lights and on/off light which is 
definitely lame.

I used it through three different setups; a les paul through a hot-rodded 
(for johnny winter rumor has it) marshall; a fender bass through a giant 
ampeg rig; and a minimoog straight into a pa.  All setups sounded great.  
didn't notice much muddying of the sound which is a problem (among others) 
with my maestro "sirecho" and some roland space echoes I've used.  

My friend who got it and is letting me use it (what a pal) got it directly 
from whomever is making them (I think).  Not sure off the price but I 
somewhere in the 650-750 usd range.  I'm rehearsing again with it monday 
if anybody wants some more info I'll see what I can dig up.

All this said it only probably does about a 50th of what the digital one 
do (still... the sound is amazing).


ps beer is good.