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OT: Steve Reich & Musicians

i was lucky enough to have in my concert hall (well the one i manage at
Middlebury College, anyway) a performance by Steve Reich and his company of
musicians.  it was a remarkable evening made even more enjoyable by meeting
a fellow looper's-d contributor, Todd Reynolds.  geek talk was kept to a
relative minimum, though how to unsubscribe was touched upon.

the program was:

Clapping Music
New York Counterpoint
Drumming, pt 1
Nagoya Marimbas
Different Trains

it's one thing to hear recordings of Reich's works and a totally different
thing to be in the room while the musicans are performing.  really
inspirational!  the only downside was my looping rig wasn't up and running
when i finally got home.  that's okay though.  hearing Different Trains
made me head for my sampler instead.

Mr. Reich also spoke at the beginning of the concert and dedicated that
evenings performance to four Middlebury College students who were killed at
the beginning of the week in an auto accident.  a very nice gesture.

'scuse me, i gotta go practice now.


p.s. - another highlight?  watching Reich do some of the house sound mix

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