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RE: OT: Octave

octave pedals, a subject near and dear to my heart. i've been borrowing an
ebs octa-bass from a friend and it's pretty nice. maybe a little better 
the boss. can get some nice artifacts out of it too. tracks pretty well,
doesn't have the second octave down that the boss has (boss has one and two
down if i remember correctly).

i've been trying to get one of the boutique pedal manufacturers to make a
low octave (or one and two octave) pedal that will also do the fuzz thang.
i'd like them to make it so that the fuzz and octave are discrete and
blendable versus the original signal. so far no takers. anyone else think
that this would be useful? it would be kinda cool if we could get a
grassroots thing that would make one of these people interested in filling 
niche that isn't being met yet. ideas?????

someone mentioned the interzone cd; thanks for the nice words. alex is
really easy to play with (a total mofo too i might add).

steve lawson, welcome to ld. now we're on two lists together . . .