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RE: OT: Octave

stig wrote:

>i've been trying to get one of the boutique pedal manufacturers to make a
>low octave (or one and two octave) pedal that will also do the fuzz thang.
>i'd like them to make it so that the fuzz and octave are discrete and
>blendable versus the original signal. so far no takers. anyone else think
>that this would be useful? it would be kinda cool if we could get a
>grassroots thing that would make one of these people interested in 
>filling a
>niche that isn't being met yet. ideas?????

Yeah...i really like doing leads with the fat tone from an octaver and fuzz
together.  Reminds me of early Crimson (although i can't think of a
particular song that has this) or some of the crazy leads from Hatfield &
the North's albums.

I've (also) been using the EBS octabass into a Lovetone meatball (trigger
off, so it is a static filter) with a fuzz (big muff deluxe: fuzz &
compression) on the meatball's fx loop.  this is FAT! and sustains forever.

 I think E-H had a great idea to combine a compressor w/ the fuzz, cause
that fuzz tone sounds sooooo sweet for leads, when it sustains forever...
The filter from the meatball is also nice, for additional tone control.

So how about a pedal with these features:

Compression, Fuzz, Octaver (1/2 octave low), Filter (Lopass/Bandpass/Hipass
-- static or if possible, dynamic)

This would be one funky pedal!!   Perhaps Lovetone would be willing to
adventure in this arena......They already make a GREAT fuzz and filter
pedal...and are a small enough company to actually listen to its

- Chris