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RE: SOT Loopy transportation, and Location was Re: bizarrepedalswasRe: Regeneration with Boomerang

I'll call the hall manager and find an evening slot. I'll TRY to get a
friday or saturday, and I'll book it for 7:00pm until ??? Maybe
midnite? I'll report the available times in a call for players
probably early next week. I'd venture that it will be at least a month
away at the earliest...


>>> "Javier Miranda V." <gnomesis@yahoo.com> 04/06 3:41 AM >>>
That sounds like a great idea.

  | -----Original Message-----
  | From: Mike Biffle [mailto:mbiffle@svg.com] 
  | Sent: Tuesday 04 April 2000 3:35 PM
  | To: loopers-delight@annihilist.com; jonathan@full-moon.com 
  | Subject: SOT Loopy transportation, and Location was Re: bizarre
  | pedalswasRe: Regeneration with Boomerang
  | I could rent rehearsal space here in Santa Cruz some evening for
  | free-for-all jam / party. It's not very swanky, but I believe
  | electrically sound and big enough for  6-10 of us in a circle
  | format... We'd HAVE to record it...
  | -Miko

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