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RE: SOT Loopy transportation >>> Santa Cruz Loop JAMlogistics...

> How many people are thinking of showing up? Perhaps a list of the
equipment (not too detailed!! please!!) you play so we can get an idea
of what kind of line up/format we would have would be good.

Hi Jonathan... I've left a message at the rehearsal space asking for
available friday or saturday eve times... When I get a call back, I'll
post that to the list with a call to arms from interested players. 

There's a GOOD amount of floor space at this place as well as a
stage. Not using the stage and fanning out in a circle setup would
probably accomodate 6-10 people with a fair amount of floor equipment.
I'm talking about 4' x 6' sort of space per player... speakers might
need to be elevated or added to the space equation...

SIDE NOTE: Tomorrow night, Friday 4-7, I'm heading down to David
Potter's studio to check out Perille's DJRND2. If anyone else is
interested in seeing this unit and testing it, please speak up today
so we can get you dialed in on the directions to David's house etc.
We're going to get started around 7:00pm.

> Could we/would we want to all go into one mixer, rather than
dealing with separate amplifications, since there will probably be
enough headaches and extension cables from all the gear as it is. This
is especially the case if we intend to record it. I can bring a
DATMAN, and lots of tape.

There is a fairly large pa there which we could all give stereo feeds
to... Sometimes it becomes really hairy with monitoring for
individuals though... If we ALL get feeds to the main board and
provide our own monitors that would work. House monitoring would
probably be a mess...

I've found it simpler sometimes to put out a pair of stereo mics in
the room (or possibly more) and let everyone take care of their own
speaker placement. It also localizes the various players sounds in the
stereo field... I know that isn't the full-on stereo treatment most of
us are used to, but it's not percieved as full mono either. It's a
compromise which sometimes sounds great.


> As previously mentioned, I play chapman stick, and trigger
percussive loops on a SP-808, so I get a
bass/lead/rhythm/ambient/percussion kind of thing going. bIz

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Biffle [mailto:mbiffle@svg.com] 
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 12:05 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com; gnomesis@yahoo.com 
Subject: RE: SOT Loopy transportation, and Location was Re:
bizarrepedalswasRe: Regeneration with Boomerang

I'll call the hall manager and find an evening slot. I'll TRY to get
a friday or saturday, and I'll book it for 7:00pm until ??? Maybe
midnite? I'll report the available times in a call for players
probably early next week. I'd venture that it will be at least a month
away at the earliest...


>>> "Javier Miranda V." <gnomesis@yahoo.com> 04/06 3:41 AM >>>
That sounds like a great idea.

Subject: SOT Loopy transportation, and Location was Re: bizarre
pedalswasRe: Regeneration with Boomerang

I could rent rehearsal space here in Santa Cruz some evening for a
free-for-all jam / party. It's not very swanky, but I believe it's
electrically sound and big enough for  6-10 of us in a circle
format... We'd HAVE to record it...  -Miko