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Re: RE: SOT Loopy transportation >>> Santa Cruz Loop JAMlogistics...

In a message dated 4/6/0 2:00:18 PM, mbiffle@svg.com writes:

>I've found it simpler sometimes to put out a pair of stereo mics in
>the room (or possibly more) and let everyone take care of their own
>speaker placement. It also localizes the various players sounds in the
>stereo field... I know that isn't the full-on stereo treatment most of
>us are used to, but it's not percieved as full mono either. It's a
>compromise which sometimes sounds great.

I'm thinking this is the way to go, also, even though I don't have my 
speaker cabs yet (what are they?) Less time wasted trying to get a mix and 
find that loopers are often pretty good about there own levels.  Besides, 
we *were* to spend some time getting all wired up - how about a MIDI 
Each of us can opt in to the sync loop when desired, and/or play/loop 

My loop art is mostly of the ambient guitar variety. I'd probably bring 
GT-5, MicroSynth, DL-4, and JamMan. Oh and I s'pose a couple of Ampeg 
Jet-sized amps.
I often pack a sampler/drum box, but hopefully a true rhythmitist will be 

eric p
echo park