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OT: was Octave, is design and prototyping

stig wrote:

>i've been trying to get one of the boutique pedal 
manufacturers to make a
>low octave (or one and two octave) pedal that will 
also do the fuzz thang.
>i'd like them to make it so that the fuzz and octave 
are discrete and
>blendable versus the original signal. so far no 
takers. anyone else think
>that this would be useful? it would be kinda cool if 
we could get a
>grassroots thing that would make one of these people 
interested in filling a
>niche that isn't being met yet. ideas?????

I just got off the phone with the owner of a company
that distributes electronic parts and components, and
does prototype engineering and manufacturing.  He is
willing to talk to you about products or projects that
you would like to develop.  

Obviously prototyping involves Non recurring
engineering costs that may make some projects cost
prohibitive if you only want to build 1 unit. 
However, if there are many people that want the same
device these costs could be spread over the volume of
units built.  Some of his designs that I have seen
(and heard) are tube audio amplifiers, pentode audio
preamps, triode audio preamps, low cost high power rf
broadcast transmitters, and very high current variable
power supplies.  I have also seen some of his
restoration work on vintage shortwave receivers and
transceivers and his work is immaculate.  

The company is Frontier Engineering, in Longmont
Colorado.  Their web page is at:
The owner is Dave Wilson.  Their phone number is    
voice: 303 776-6242 Fax: 303 776-6080.  E-mail:
sales@freng.com, Technical inquiries: eng@freng.com.

They are distributors for Maplin Electronics, a UK
firm. Frontier sells all kinds of parts, tools,
supplies, devices (rf, audio, video....) and some cool
electronic kits.  I noticed some interesting sound
making chips in the catalog.  The Frontier web page
only shows a small amount of what is in the catalog,
so request a catalog if you like to build, fix or
modify electronic devices.

I have no affiliation with Frontier Electronics.  I
just recently visited their showroom, and development
facility and was impressed by Dave, both his
personality and abilities.  Turns out he and I worked
at the same disk drive manufacturer a while back (no
wonder he looked familiar).  

Hope this helps,
bret moreland

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