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Re: eyeball ...

In a message dated 4/8/0 7:14:38 AM, Echophazer@aol.com writes:

>$600 and specs that lead me to believe half the signal out is noise? What
>justifies the price? It must be those googley eyes on the knobs!

I played with it at NAMM - it's pretty cool. One of the easier filter 
I've tried, yet still unpredictable in a fun way. Sort of a Meatball in a 
rack,  and actually has pretty darn good fidelity from what I remember. 
the Meatball being a pedal is so easy to take around, it's very handy for 
 Is that list price?  Getting into Sherman Filterbank territory, and to me 
that's the best sounding one I've heard.  Interesting times for filter 
fans - 
Filter Factory is very cool and does MIDI sync! They have a new Stereo 
Queen, too.  I guess we can thank the modern DJ/dance music crowd for all 

eric p
echo park