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Re: OT:bassists

My job has put me into deep-lurk mode on this list lately, but I loop
6-string bass and 5-string piccolo bass, my live pedal-board has a Line-6
DL4 and a boomerang, plus I also have a JamMan, a Vortex and a number of
cheap analog and digital delays I've acquired over the years. I also loop
keyboards, modular synth, tapes, and just about anything else that makes a
noise. One recent strategy has been to fill a boss SP202 with sounds from
the gig, ambient noise, opening bands, etc, and through that into the mix.
In a few weeks, we'll be debuting minus+, which is us plus monster bassist
Fred Chalenor, we'll be playing and recording in Seattle soon.

>>I play 6-string fretless,6 string EUB,(Day Job and looping)acoustic bass
>>guitar and upright bass(very occasional day job,never looped yet)
>>Even as I write this,a 12 string fretless is coming into being that I
>>anticipate will be my main looping bass.
>>What's up Stig? Jesus? Bobdog(with your basslike thingies:)and,(please
>>forgive me for not knowing your contact info(I've been meaning to find
>>you)the man who loops upright electric electric bass bowed w/computer
>>software he writes himself !!
>>Scott Kungha Drengsen
>Sounds good - I'll have to check out your page..
>Andy, it's interesting that you choose guitar over bass for looping - 
>that? I find that the range of sounds that I can get with a bass is more
>than I could with a guitar (that's not to say that there aren't guitarists
>doing interesting loop stuff, just that I can't imagine bass being so
>limited as to have to switch to guitar for looping stuff...)
>I use a 6 string fretless, 4 string fretted and 5 string 'amplicoustic'
>bass, and get a pretty wide range of sounds... Have a listen to the real
>audio on my site, if you like! :o)
>http://www.steve-lawson.co.uk - subscribe to my new mailing list here.
>"I know there's a balance, I see it every time I swing past."
>                                                           - John 

Dave Trenkel : improv@peak.org
Minus Web Site: http://listen.to/minusmusic
Minus MP3's: http://www.mp3.com/-minus-