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yep, i'm a loopin' bottom dweller as well :-)  like steve, i play a turner 
renassaince fretless 4 as well as a turner renassaince piccolo fretted 5 
among others...  i also agree with steve on the sonic range of 
basses. in addition to this, the possibilities are now endless with the 
myriad of pitch effects out there. i use a yamaha spx90 for pitch shifting 
and a boss harmonizer and digitech spacestation for other 'artificial' 
stuff. really tho', whichever instrument allows to you express your ideas 
the best is cool with me :-)

i really dug your ren tracks steve! wonder if the loopers will think 
cute too (an inside bottom line joke)   :-)


ps - i'll be in socal for good in 3 weeks. can't wait to catch all the 
action! see you soon eric!
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