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Re: OT:bassists

>yep, i'm a loopin' bottom dweller as well :-)  like steve, i play a turner
>renassaince fretless 4 as well as a turner renassaince piccolo fretted 5
>among others...

Piccolo Renassaince? What a great concept - have you got any sound files?
What strings do you have on it.. I actually find looping the Ren a bit of a
challenge as the sound is so full that it's difficult to find space on top
of it... hence the long solo introduction on 'conversation'... One thing
I've learnt from looping is the ability to 'arrange' on the fly... if I'm
playing in a band now, I'm constantly listening for where my line fits in
the scheme of things, the same as adding another layer to a loop... My
emphasis has gone away from the chops and flash stuff that I was into at
college all those years ago, onto melody and texture and vibe. I guess
that's why I'm so into Bill Frisell - he's got amazing technique, but
applies it to tone and sound, not speed and pyrotechnics...

> i also agree with steve on the sonic range of contemporary
>basses. in addition to this, the possibilities are now endless with the
>myriad of pitch effects out there. i use a yamaha spx90 for pitch shifting
>and a boss harmonizer and digitech spacestation for other 'artificial' 
>stuff. really tho', whichever instrument allows to you express your ideas
>the best is cool with me :-)

I don't even think that the pitch shift is 'needed', though it is a cool
effect... Harmonics on a bass, whether false or natural, are such a great
sound, and work so well for looping and layering...

>i really dug your ren tracks steve! wonder if the loopers will think 
>cute too (an inside bottom line joke)   :-)

LOL - I'm glad you like the tunes. :o)

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"I know there's a balance, I see it every time I swing past."
                                                           - John