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Re: OT:bassists

> Andy, it's interesting that you choose guitar over bass for looping - 
>  that? I find that the range of sounds that I can get with a bass is more
>  than I could with a guitar 
Hi Steve.
Well it's perhaps to do with the type of bass sound that I like use.
Trying to get the sort of depth of tone that would come from an acoustic 
double bass, although I also like enough HF for harmonics.
I find that the bass sound gets a bit murky after 3 layers, but 
then my unlooped technique quite often has 2 or 3 layers already
so to loop it seems a bit superfluous. Usually I find the bass is 
'enough' without looping it.
What you say makes me think though, as I too can probably 
get a few more different sounds out of the bass than I can a guitar.
Sometimes I'm trying to produce a 'drum kit'  out of guitar 
noises ( so far.... wood blocks, tabla-ish, bass drum, shakers, cuica) for
a loop rhythm, probably should try bass for this.   

What I'm really into is audio morphing the guitar with 
a Lexicon Vortex, combined (usually)with longer loops 
from (currently) a JamMan. I'm also working on integrating
a rack full of other FX.

Also combining different delays (+FX) to produce a sort of  fractal image 
from the input, aiming at looping without obvious repetition.

Somehow the guitar sound just seems to turn into something 
new and exciting, I reckon it's all those high frequencies that aren't 
in my bass.   I'm still working on the possibilities.

Guess I'll get round to trying loop bass again sooner or later though.
(...and other stuff of course)

Andy Butler.