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RE: Re:OT: Octave

Yeah, I said something about this before.  I have several EH things, and
until 1991 I had both MS and BMS (my BMS was stolen from my car).  Mike
Matthews, owner and designer of a lot of EH stuff, told me years ago that
the only difference was the design on the box, since they were the same
price, inside they were the same.  Even so, I noticed the difference 
my MS and my BMS.  The BMS had more bottom, more presence.  I think Mike's
argument was that there was a slight difference in the manufacturing of
several electronic parts, and that they all sounded a little bit different.
So, the theory goes, you could also end up somewhere comparing an MS and a
BMS where the MS had a lot more bottom.
        But I always had some EQ down the line from the MS, so I made up 
for the
difference after my BMS was gone; but I miss that unit.  I once saw a cover
band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, playing Zappa's "Zoot Allures," and the
guitarist, all of 16 years-old, I think, was using the EH "Equalizer,"
whatever it was called, full blast on a lot of frequencies, and he rocked.
His tone was incredible.  EQ alone is a great help.  Another great EH unit
was the "Graphic Fuzz," which had variable fuzz with an 8-band EQ built 
that was great, especially if you could feedback through an amp.
        I don't know if the next-generation EH MS and BMS are designed the 
same way
as before; I assume they are, since Matthews wants to cash in on the
"vintage" craze.  In that case, even now the MS and BMS are the same inside
but painted different outside.
        Who knows?  Maybe the whole confusion is psychosomatic, where we 
"want" the
BMS to sound fatter than the MS, and so it does.

  | -----Original Message-----
  | From: Tim Nelson [mailto:tcn62@ici.net]
  | Sent: Saturday 08 April 2000 12:49 PM
  | To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
  | Subject: Re: Re:OT: Octave
  | At 01:58 PM 4/8/00 EDT, you wrote:  ...(regarding) the EH Microsynth...
>>  Try the Bass version, too it has a warmer,  >thicker filter section.
  | There's something akin to an urban legend circulating about the regular
and Bass Microsynths.
  | Supposedly, according to a statement attributed to someone involved 
EH's design team, the only difference between the two units is the graphics
screened onto the sheet metal case; the electronics inside are identical.
(Did you once mention this, Javier, or was it someone else?)
  | On the other hand, I've heard from several people who have owned and
usedboth versions and claim that there IS an audible difference.
  | Does anyone have any privileged info about this that they'd care to
  | Tim

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