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Re: Re:OT: Octave

Thanks Eric- very helpful response- breaking out my EDP manual later-
although if using midi for the feedback control any drum syncing is out- 
then again I need to hook up with a real drummer anyway- Thanks again-

P.S. I'm in L.A.- let me know the next time you are playing around here-
would be nice-

----- Original Message -----
From: <Echoechoparkpark@aol.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 10:58 AM
Subject: Re: Re:OT: Octave

> In a message dated 4/7/0 9:42:24 AM, bienappraisers@mindspring.com 
> >I suppose the EH Microsynth
> > is one that stands out and the Blue Box is something I need to hear
> >I really would like 100% clean option with solid tracking-
> The Micro SYnth is definitely worth investigating, but it doesn't pass 
> cleanest direct signal, either, especially when you have a filter sweep 
> cut dialed in, the guitar signal is also affected.
> When trying it out, I suggest setting the filters (start and stop freqs.)
> the way up, the resonance all the way down, and Rate all the way down.
> should pass the cleanest guitar signal. You'll want to start with thw
> level all the way up. Then dial in your octaves (one up and one down) and
> square wave (which is a cool distortion/fuzz). I like to bring the
> freq. filters down to temper the fizz a bit, but unfortunately the
> is that you'll be cutting the direct guitar's highs, too.  But you might
> a happy medium. Great pedal. Try the Bass version, too it has a warmer,
> thicker filter section. These can be had for about $240, I bought one at
> for $190 I think.
> >     I will also want to check out the Digitech whammy as having dynamic
> >foot control over the octave effect would be great- this does bring into
> >mind looking into all-in-ones ie GT-3/GT5 etc but I am more fond of
> >individuals- but you sure cant program em the way you can a
> >getting more interesting pondering all the time... there just seems to
> >always be a trade off when you look into all-in ones- - -
> I am very much a pedal guy, I love working with them like little modules
> arranging them however I please each night, always trying new/old 
> ...BUT...  I picked up a GT-5 because it was great deal ($250 used, but
> used!), AND... it's really great!  I'm having a great time and the 
> are, I believe VERY GOOD. Combining the octaves with
> compressor/preamp/eq/filtered reverb, etc.  really makes for some good,
> solid, tones. I have dialed natural sounding octaves both one and two
> or above and the tracking is impressive. But I also have more extreme
> sizzling/throbbing high and low stuff going on.  It DEFINITELY takes some
> considerate tweaking to make a good pitch shift - don't be turned off by
> factory presets, they are almost all very lame. I have a very easy time
> programming the GT, I've only glanced at the manual a coule of times to
> out to arrange effect order, etc.  If buying new, it seems the newer,
> GT-3 is the bargain unit, but I prefer the 5. I don't think I'd pay full
> price for a new one, though, they should really drop the price on them.
> >
> >     Does anyone know if any of these have a programmable 1/4" out
> >you could have certain patches where the expression pedal would be
> >controlling the EDP feedback?
> Not via 1/4", but I believe you could assign the EXP pedal to a MIDI cc#
> the plex will do feedback control via MIDI. The myriad possibilities of
> implementing the GT's pedal is really cool.
> Hey Miko - am I right about this?  Miko and LD'er David Coffin are long
> GT-5 users.
> eric p
> echo park