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Re: Re:OT: Octave

In a message dated 4/7/0 9:42:24 AM, bienappraisers@mindspring.com writes:

>I suppose the EH Microsynth
> is one that stands out and the Blue Box is something I need to hear 
>I really would like 100% clean option with solid tracking- 

The Micro SYnth is definitely worth investigating, but it doesn't pass the 
cleanest direct signal, either, especially when you have a filter sweep or 
cut dialed in, the guitar signal is also affected.

When trying it out, I suggest setting the filters (start and stop freqs.) 
the way up, the resonance all the way down, and Rate all the way down. 
should pass the cleanest guitar signal. You'll want to start with thw 
level all the way up. Then dial in your octaves (one up and one down) and 
square wave (which is a cool distortion/fuzz). I like to bring the 
freq. filters down to temper the fizz a bit, but unfortunately the 
is that you'll be cutting the direct guitar's highs, too.  But you might 
a happy medium. Great pedal. Try the Bass version, too it has a warmer, 
thicker filter section. These can be had for about $240, I bought one at 
for $190 I think.

>     I will also want to check out the Digitech whammy as having dynamic
>foot control over the octave effect would be great- this does bring into
>mind looking into all-in-ones ie GT-3/GT5 etc but I am more fond of
>individuals- but you sure cant program em the way you can a multi....hmmm-
>getting more interesting pondering all the time... there just seems to
>always be a trade off when you look into all-in ones- - -

I am very much a pedal guy, I love working with them like little modules 
arranging them however I please each night, always trying new/old stuff...
...BUT...  I picked up a GT-5 because it was great deal ($250 used, but 
used!), AND... it's really great!  I'm having a great time and the OCTAVES 
are, I believe VERY GOOD. Combining the octaves with 
compressor/preamp/eq/filtered reverb, etc.  really makes for some good, 
solid, tones. I have dialed natural sounding octaves both one and two 
or above and the tracking is impressive. But I also have more extreme 
sizzling/throbbing high and low stuff going on.  It DEFINITELY takes some 
considerate tweaking to make a good pitch shift - don't be turned off by 
factory presets, they are almost all very lame. I have a very easy time 
programming the GT, I've only glanced at the manual a coule of times to 
out to arrange effect order, etc.  If buying new, it seems the newer, 
GT-3 is the bargain unit, but I prefer the 5. I don't think I'd pay full 
price for a new one, though, they should really drop the price on them. 

>     Does anyone know if any of these have a programmable 1/4" out whereby
>you could have certain patches where the expression pedal would be
>controlling the EDP feedback?

Not via 1/4", but I believe you could assign the EXP pedal to a MIDI cc# 
the plex will do feedback control via MIDI. The myriad possibilities of 
implementing the GT's pedal is really cool.

Hey Miko - am I right about this?  Miko and LD'er David Coffin are long 
GT-5 users.

eric p
echo park