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Re: OT:bassists

what's this about looping basslike thingies?

i loop basslike thingies; a 4 string fender fretless tuned bead; a weird
kramer fretless ( what used to be a bass)  baritone  tuned  cgcf with
extra drones tuned ccg; fretless tenor tuned cgcf; fretless guitar tuned
cgcgcf; & lotsa different soprano rangee thingies.

a coupla tune that feature this kinda stuff can be found at:
if you want to go directly to the sounds.
you'll need flashplayer to dig it & realaudio to hear it.

my favorite of late hasn't been a bass thing though, it's been a
srinivas guitar thingie: a hondo chiquita 1/2  size guitar w/a 7th
string added, tuned chikari cc melody cgcgc (like subramanium's violin)
in an upper octave; it makes for a great contrast with the more bass
oriented stuff tamberwise.

where is this going? you guys all kick ass...