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Re: 'artificial' harmonics

>steve lawson made a good point about the use of 'artificial' harmonics in
>extending the bass sonic range in the 'bassist' thread (on the loopers
>list). i have a vague idea of how to execute this and have certainly heard
>it on all the obvious jaco stuff. so would anyone care to elaborate on 
>technique? i've always been intrigued by it but only lately have been in
>position to actually use it. so, time to woodshed for a bit :-)  thanks 
>any advice!

Practice, is about the only sensible way to tackle it. I can honestly say
that I don't think I've ever seen two people do this the same. I pick with
him index (and sometimes middle) finger nail, using my thumb for the node
point. I've also seen people use the tip of their index finger for the node
and their thumb nail for picking. Using your nails brings out the sound

If you listen to the sound clips on my page, there are some false harmonics
on 6 string fretless on 'The Inner Game', and some rock-tastic distorted
ones on 'The Virtue Of The Small'. The distortion does make them much


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                                                           - John