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Re: 'artificial' harmonics

Hey there, Tony,

    Just to reiterate what Steve was saying, is to "fret" a note, say an 
(second fret of the G - string, not hers, play on your own bass!) and then 
use either your first finger or middle finger to be placed either 7, 9 or 
frets up the neck on the same string and use your thumb to pluck the 
I think that there's a few others out there which go a bit higher up in 
pitch, want to say 17 half steps or so, but haven't tried it myself.  
agree that using a pick, or your nails gives a much better tone.

    Then there's the tapping method which also works for Stick players and 
that's to do roughly the same thing, except you're going to tap directly 
the fret in question.  Funk fingers is one way to really make this method 
work!  Using a pick like Steve Hackett, or just your fingers also work in 
decreasing modes of tone.

    Another thing which is great and basically along this thread is to use 
E-Bow which gives out a few new tones to your Bass.  

    L8r on and loop out,