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Re: Mede Mede!!! >> DJRND2 in Santa Cruz tonight!

Miko, thanks for the overview.

I was already under the impression that the DJRND2
was intended as a DJ-oriented real-time loop machine.
Even without a footswitch for arming the RECORD, it 
sounds like it would make a great montage/layering
looper in a studio environment. As a big fan of the 
RDS 7.6 Time Machines, something along the lines of 
their ARM/TRIGGER footswitch controls would be perfect.

I'd really like to know more about the sound quality, 
especially with 14 stereo channels blazing at once. :)

Got any comments about the sound quality, Miko?

- Larry

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Mike Biffle" <mbiffle@svg.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>; <Jax1723@aol.com>
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 1:28 PM
Subject: Re: Mede Mede!!! >> DJRND2 in Santa Cruz tonight!

> PERILLE writes...
> > Mede Mede !!! missing in action : Dave Potter and Mike Biffle Have
> they been swallowed by the french looper ? Will they survive from the
> alien machine ? We will probably know it ... or never... Same loop
> time, same loop channel...
> Jack writes...
> > So what's the verdict???  My understanding is that it was primarily
> designed to be used in a dj setup...  how does it translate in other
> (guitar, bass, percussion, etc.) setups? just curious, jack
> Hi gang...
> I'm expecting possibly a more in-depth review from our buddy David
> Potter, but I had a chance to check out the unit and formed a few
> quick impressions which I'll list below. I have to apologize to
> Perille for not really digging in and trying to understand the unit
> better. (more on that below...)
> It's housed in a cool tabletop setup much like many of the tabletop
> samplers we're familiar with. It had a nice blue cloud like mist hand
> sprayed on it and the word "PAPA" on the lcd screen in honor of Mr.
> Potter...
> This baby is full stereo for each of it's 14 channels!!! (If I'm not
> mistaken). Which makes it unique in our world of mono boxes... That
> alone is worth tons...
> It seems like it ** REALLY IS ** set up to audition pre-recorded bits
> into it, DJ style... from a sampler or cd or??? Anyway... you arm
> record, then press the channel button and recording begins... Once
> it's in the unit you can "gearwheel" the loop around to sync it up as
> well as trim the tempo etc. It looks to be really capable in this
> regard... No midi, but I'm pretty sure most dj's are ignoring midi and
> doing incredible things... 
> Being a guitarist, (David's one as well) we were both sort of at a
> loss to figure out a way to arm the recording process in a way that
> would allow us to seamlessly record our bits into the unit. So it was
> hard to really PLAY and work with the unit. So I'll leave it to
> someone else to discover it's fidelity with various instruments and
> sounds.
> If the loop select buttons could be simply triggered with a
> footswitch, that would allow a real-time player "hands-free" access to
> this critical step, making this unit FAR more desirable to many of us
> here on the list, and expanding it's scope to include a much larger
> market. The lack of this feature made it hard for me to continue
> testing, as I only had a few hours, and wanted to definitely spend a
> good portion of that actually playing... which a footswitch would have
> allowed. 
> As for it's capability as a DJ tool, or for experimental layering of
> pre-recorded segments, it looks to be really great. Quicker than a
> sampler, (but volatile memory). Possibly more flexible... The more I
> think about it though, the more I ask myself, what are it's essential
> differences from, say an SP808 or MPC 2000? Those require more careful
> inputing of the sounds, but have added processors and filters,
> tap-tempo, midi sync, etc... although it might be fairer to compare it
> to a sampler in it's price range of $600-$700.
> Adding that one extra footswitch feature for the START RECORD
> function could differentiate it from a sampler, and make if waaaayyyy
> more desirable to a lot of us, hopefully without increasing the cost
> of the unit much. I could certainly find a use for a 14 loop stereo
> machine if I could perform hands-free recording with it!
> Best,
> -Miko